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Rounded corners for kick wall CURVE

Facilitate the maintenance of the riding surface

CURVE kick wall  |  Rounded corner

Rounded corner for CURVE kick wall

Due to the individual cutting of the CURVE kick wall elements, it is possible to make the corners of the riding arena round. With a conventional 90° corner, the arena leveller does not reach the corner of the riding arena, so the riding sand in the corners has to be reworked by hand. This work is no longer necessary with the rounded corners.

Rounded corner

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Impressions of the CURVE rounded corners

Rounded corner |  Kick wall CURVE
Kick wall CURVE | Rounded corner
Layout rounded corners  | kick wall CURVE
Rounded corner | Kick board CURVE
safety wall for riding arena  |  rounded corner
safety kick wall CURVE
rounded corner for kick wall CURVE
Kick wall CURVE  |  rounded corner  |  easy to keep clean
Rounded corner |  easy to keep clean

General Information:

For the rounded corners in an indoor arena, each CURVE kick wall element is cut to size individually. Each corner has a radius of 2.50 m and consists of 10 kick board elements.

Due to this individual cutting of the CURVE kick wall elements, the riding arena offers an almost rounded appearance. This means that it can also be used for the polygonal constructions of horse walkers and lunging arenas.

Advantages of the rounded corners:

  •     Corners are easy to keep clean
  •     Simplifies the maintenance of the riding surface
  •     Easy to assemble due to pre-cut kick wall elements


Individuality is our strength! For the perfect entrance into the riding arena, we manufacture swiveling and sliding doors according to the requirements of your indoor riding arena.

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