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Platz-Max arena leveller for maintenance of horse-riding grounds

Thorough permanent care for all riding surfaces

Tilling, mixing, smoothing and tilling in a single quick step with only one leveller: Our Platz-Max arena leveller has become a firm fixture in the world of equestrian sports and is perfectly at home at all major tournaments and other events.

Platz-Max leveller attachments for various horse-riding grounds

Operators of horse-riding facilities are generatlly facing two problems: 1. riding grounds that are too compact and compressed, or 2. grounds that tend to be too loose. Irrigation and sub-structures play a major role in the maintenance of horse-riding surfaces.

As many riding stables operate several arenas with different types of grounds, we offer two universal attachments – a lattice roller and a tilling roller – for hassle-free treatment of various grounds with one leveller. The Platz-Max RAIN version can be used to replace a complete irrigation system.

Platz-Max NLK arena leveller for horse-riding surfaces

Platz-Max NLK arena leveller with swivelling mechanism, tilling roller

1. The "currycomb" tines are arranged in two staggered rows. Their task is to break up the riding ground of the indoor or outdoor arena, which was compressed by the activity of the horses' hooves, and to thoroughly intermix the surface materials (e.g. sand with woodchips). As soon as the tractor accelerates, the tines start to vibrate, acting like a kitchen mixer.

2. The pivoting leveller blade located behind the tines levels the mixed up soil; it fills up holes and removes any uneven spots.

3.The tilling roller performs the third task: It smoothes out the last lumps, spreads, loosens and levels the ground completely. In addition, it constantly brings the device back into alignment. The tilling roller is mainly used in arenas where the riding surface should be as loose as possible. It is less suitable for riding surfaces with textile fibres.

More about the Platz-Max NLK arena leveller

Platz-Max GW arena leveller models

Platz-Max GW arena leveller – Maintenance of textile grounds with the lattice roller

The lattice roller (GW) version of the arena leveller was designed to consider the special conditions of novel textile riding grounds, which need to be conditioned only on the upper surface with a very low depth. That means the GW version is only suitable for specific grounds. We will gladly advise you on any questions you may have on this.

More about Platz-Max NLGW

More about Platz-Max NLGW plus

Platz-Max ROLL arena leveller

Platz-Max ROLL arena leveller – with variable chassis, can be attached to simply any vehicle

For even more universal use of the the arena leveller, we developed the Platz-Max-Roll conditioner. The idea was to create a leveller that is mounted on its own chassis. As a result, the choice of possible towing vehicles is almost unlimited. Depending on the towing vehicle, the wheels can be lifted hydraulically or mechanically to start their conditioning work. The lifted chassis does not impair the function of the arena leveller. It is only lowered for manoeuvring or moving to another place.

More about the Platz-Max ROLL model

Maintenance of horse-riding grounds with the Platz-Max RAIN leveller

Platz-Max RAIN arena leveller – levelling and irrigation in a single working step

With an additional water tank, indoor and outdoor arenas can be levelled and spray-irrigated simultaneously in one working step. Using a shaft driven pump, the water is worked into the ground via three rows of nozzles.

More about the Platz-Max RAIN arena leveller

Maintenance of riding grounds with the Platz-Max MULTI leveller

Bahnplaner Platz-Max MULTI – new allrounder for optimal maintenance of riding grounds

Living up to ist name, the Platz-Max MULTI arena leveller is a genuine allrounder, which is suitable for conditioning almost all types of horse-riding grounds.

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Maintenance of riding grounds with the Platz-Max TURF leveller

Platz-Max TURF arena leveller – fast levelling of training courses

This Platz-Max leveller features extra-strong, 12 mm tines which smoothe any training course quickly and effectively.

More about the Platz-Max TURF arena leveller

Maintenance of riding grounds with the Platz-Max GIGA leveller

Platz-Max GIGA arena leveller – irrigation and levelling combined

Using the GIGA leveller, you can condition and maintain the riding grounds of your indoor and outdoor arenas with utmost perfection in a single working step.

More about the Platz-Max GIGA arena leveller

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