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Attachments for Platz-Max arena levellers

Add-ons for optimal riding ground maintenance

Operators of horse-riding facilities are generatlly facing two problems:

1. riding grounds that are too compact and compressed, or

2. grounds that tend to be too loose. Irrigation and sub-structures play a major role in the maintenance of riding grounds. As many riding stables operate several arenas with different types of grounds, we offer two universal attachments – a lattice roller and a tilling roller – for hassle-free treatment of various grounds with one leveller. The Platz-Max RAIN version can be used to replace a complete spray-irrigation system.

Here is an overview of the available attachments for arena levellers.

Arena leveller tilling roller

Tilling roller for arena levellers

The tilling roller is used for riding grounds that tend to be too much compressed. Especially on dressage and western riding arenas, the tilling roller creates excellent surface conditions. The tilling roller is also great for "ebb and flow" systems. Request tilling roller now

Arena leveller lattice roller

Lattice roller for arena leveller

The lattice roller is especially useful for grounds with a large fibre content, as they are often found in show-jumping and dressage sports. Request lattice roller now

Arena leveller farmflex roller

Farmflex roller for arena levellers

The farmflex roller is perfectly lends itself to levelling out uneven spots and create a firm, consistent riding surface. It is ideal for fibre riding grounds. Request farmflex roller for arena levellers now

Gallery of arena leveller attachments

Arena leveller farmflex roller
Arena leveller lattice roller riding
Arena levller maintenance farmflex roller
Riding lattice roller