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Platz-Max NLGW arena leveller

Arena leveller for sand riding rounds with or without additives

NLGW arena leveller models

The Platz-Max NLGW arena leveller is available in different model versions.

Platz-Max NLGW

The lattice roller (GW) version of the arena leveller was designed to consider the special conditions of modern fibre or geotextile riding grounds with fibre additives, which typically need to be conditioned only on the uppper surface. 

Working widths of the NLGW arena leveller

Deeper mixing of the ground is of course possible, particularly when the fibre additives have moved to the top because of insufficient moisture. By adjusting the working depth the machine adjusts to the respective ground conditions to give the required result.

The lattice roller integrates a counter rotating feed gear that prevents clogging of the roller regardless of the type of ground. As horse-riding stables are typically using different types of riding grounds, they will appreciate having this universal tool for professional maintenance of different surfaces. There's no need to change the leveller tools with this flexible NLGW arena leveller: the working depth can be adjusted with a quick movement of your hand, and off you go with utmost speed and efficiency.

The Platz-Max NLGW arena leveller is also available, at a surcharge, with a split lattice roller (NLGW plus model).

  • Recommended driving speed 10-15 km/h
  • Two rows of tines ensure optimal mixing of sand and textile additives
  • The levelling blade then fills holes and levels out uneven spots
  • With kickboard roller and track clearer
  • The roller is open towards the sides for a uniform riding ground


The different model versions of the Platz-Max NLGW:

  • 1.35 m | 210 kg
  • 1.60 m | 240 kg
  • 1.80 m | 270 kg
  • 2.20 m | 308 kg
  • 2.70 m | 350 kg
  • 2.70 m | 366 kg

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