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Platz-Max ROLL arena leveller

Universal maintenance tool for riding grounds

Arena leveller ROLL

The universal Platz-Max ROLL arena leveller can be attached to almost any towing vehicle.

Platz-Max ROLL

To make the arena leveller even more universal, we developed the Platz-Max ROLL. The idea was to create an arena conditioner that has its own chassis. As a result, the number of possible towing vehicles is nearly unlimited.

Depending on the towing vehicle, the wheels can be lifted or lowered hydraulically or mechanically to start working the ground. You can choose a model with a towing ring hitch or a ball hitch.

Arena levellers for different towing vehicles

The towing-ring hitch is suitable for all stable tractors, or, for example, the John Deere Gator. The drawbar is rotable, so it can be attached at the top or botton. The ball hitch is for all vehicles with a ball-head towbar, e.g. four-wheel-drive cars, stable tractors, ATVs, quads, larger lawn-movers or Egholm system brackets.

The lifted chassis doesn't affect the function of the arena leveller. The drawbar is fitted with a height-adjustable jack castor-wheel, so the attachment can also be moved about manually, just like a car trailer.

Model options for Platz-Max ROLL:

  • 1.35 m working width | GW | 210 kg

  • 1.60 m working width | GW | 240 kg

  • 1.80 m working width | GW | 250 kg

  • 2.20 m working width | GW | 300 kg

  • 1.35 m working width | K | 220 kg

  • 1.60 m working width | K | 240 kg

  • 2.20 m working width | K | 280 kg

  • 1.35 m working width | FF | 265 kg

  • 1.60 m working width | FF | 295 kg

  • 1.80 m working width | FF | 315 kg

  • 2.20 m working width | FF | 385 kg

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