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Platz-Max RAIN arena leveller

Levelling and irrigation of riding grounds in indoor and outdoor arenas

Riding-ground maintenance RAIN

The Platz-Max RAIN arena leveller not only serves for maintenance of riding ground, but can also be used for spray irrigation.

Platz-Max Rain

The technically optimised RAIN version of the Platz-Max arena levellers features a robust piston diaphragm pump to be attached to the drive shaft as well as a narrow, red tunnel barrel. The water is well dosed and sprayed onto the ground via three rows of nozzles with separate controls and then worked into the ground. Continuous improvement such as modified supports optimised chain tensioners, etc. has resulted in an impressive track record for the RAIN system with many units sold all over the world.

Platz-Max RAIN

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Benefits of the Platz-Max RAIN arena leveller

  • weight of the water tank has no impact on the leveller
  • swivelling trailerallows easy working in corners
  • 2/3 of the water is worked directly into the top layer
  • significantly lower water consumption
  • all maintenance work is done at ground level
  • ready for outdoor and indoor use
  • also for extensions to existing facilities

less time required for simultaneous soil cultivation and irrigation More favorable alternative to sprinkler systems, also for extension buildings

available in the following versions:

Platz-Max RAIN: 400 litres

  • 1.60 m working width | GW | 350 kg
  • 1.80 m working width | GW | 380 kg

Platz-Max RAIN: 500 litres

  • 1.60 m working width| GW | 350 kg
  • 1.80 m working width | GW | 400 kg
  • 2.20 m working width | GW | 410 kg
  • 2.50 m working width | GW | 460 kg
  • 2.70 m working width | GW | 470 kg

Platz-Max RAIN: 600 litres

  • 1.60 m working width | GW | 360 kg
  • 1.80 m working width | GW | 410 kg
  • 2.20 m working width | GW | 445 kg
  • 2.50 m working width | GW | 470 kg
  • 2.70 m working width | GW | 490 kg

Platz-Max RAIN: 1000 litres

  • 2.20 m working width | GW | 470 kg
  • 2.50 m working width | GW | 510 kg
  • 2.70 m working width | GW | 540 kg


Platz-Max RAIN Module: 500 litres. Weidemann HV. 225 kg


  • 400 litres | 115 kg
  • 600 litres | 125 kg
  • 800/1000 litres | 135 kg


  • 400 litres | 25 kg
  • 500 litres | 26 kg
  • 600 litres | 33 kg
  • 800/1000 litres | 51 kg

Gallery of the Platz-Max RAIN arena leveller

Treatment of riding grounds with arena leveller
Levelling of the riding ground
RAIN arena leveller

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