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Horse solaria for powerful and healthy horses

Benefits of solar radiation systems for horses

Solar radiation systems for horses

Solar radiation improves the vitality and comfort of horses.

Why does your horse benefit from a radiation-treatment “before” a training session?

Many sportsmen know the beneficial effect of having an infrared heat radiation treatment prior to physiotherapy. All muscles will be nice and loose before the actual therapy begins. It is much the same when the horse owner treats his horse to a few minutes under the solarium before he starts to ride it. Its muscles will relax, and the horse feels comfortable.

From the box right under the solarium

A horse that relaxes before the actual training begins will have far less problems with tensed up muscles and the muscle ache that may result from these problems. Moreover, the rider will be able to work with the horse far more effectively, as it is more relaxed and willing to cooperate. Please remember though: warmed by the solarium, the horse should be covered with a blanket to keep its muscles warm at the beginning of the training session.



Solar radiation “after” a training session? Your horse will be grateful to you!

Many horse owners like to dry their horses under the solarium before putting them back into their box, because they are wet from sweat after the training session or they have been washed. UV radiation warms their coat and helps it to dry much faster. One benefit is that the danger of catching a cold is greatly reduced. But the regular use of the solarium can do much more than “dry” your horse. The infrared rays stimulate the blood circuit and encourage the circulation so that the break-down of lactic acid is accelerated.



Infrared radiation as a therapeutic treatment

Many stable owners have come to recognize the therapeutic effects of infrared radiation and witnessed different forms of health improvement in their horses. Regular application alleviates tension in a horse’s back as well as aching or pulled muscles. Exposed to the radiant warmth, its blood vessels will expand so that its circulation is improved. Solar radiation also intensifies the blood circulation in deeper body tissue. Infrared radiation has a positive effect on a horse’s body in general. This is particularly true for the function of the stomach and the bowels, the kidneys and the respiration. The horse’s vitality is improved along with its performance. Its metabolism is stimulated and its fertility increased. Many breeders who treat their studs and mares to regular solar radiation have realized this already.



Why do clients opt for WARENDORFER SOLARANLAGEN?

Our clients attach the greatest importance to the optimal functionality and high economy of a horse solarium. We have always given these factors priority and steadily raised our standards over the years. We have been open to customers’ wishes right from the start and tried to integrate them in our new models. Thus, flexible model designs, just one control for easiest usage and intelligent warm air douches designed with horses’ health in mind have become the outstanding features of our horse solariums. WARENDORFER SOLARANLAGEN offers the following models: STANDARD I-S, STANDARD-II-S, PRIVILEG-S and LUXUS-S.



No compromising on quality where your horse is concerned

Each solarium made by WARENDORFER SOLARANLAGEN excels for its high-quality materials, excellent workmanship, convincing design in both function and form, and exemplary ease of handling. Our horse solariums are available in different stages of extension so that adaptation to different stable locations, requirements and budgets is easy. Expanding the existing unit at a later date is possible whenever desired.

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