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Equine Solarium systems for horses from Warendorf

Horse solaria for the health of your horses

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Equine solarium | Prevention of vitamin D deficiency problems

Horse solaria are no longer the reserve of exclusive, professional training stables.

Operators of equstrian facilities, breeding farms and riding clubs have also come to recognise the tremendous benefits of using a horse solarium. The demand is significant, because many horse owners are regularly using a solarium to treat their horses to something good.

What is the reason for the rapidly rising demand for solaria in recent years?

Stabling horses, mostly with little opportunity for grazing, has become the rule in horse-keeping these days. Especially in the winter months horses tend to spend most hours of the day in their boxes. More often than not, all the exercise they have is what they get in the riding arena so that the natural influences of UV radiation, daylight and fresh air are still missing. These conditions do not correspond with the natural lifestyle of horses, and the danger of deficiency syndromes (like for example the production of vitamin D) should not be underestimated. The first horse solaria with effective radiators were already launched 25 years ago. Experienced horse-riders, breeders, vets and other horse riding experts recognized the beneficial effects of solaria and developed the first units. Infrared heat radiation was mainly applied in the dark season at first. These days, however, horse solaria are being used throughout the year, as horses benefit from the stimulating treatment in many different ways.

Horse solarium system STANDARD I-S from Warendorf

STANDARD I-S horse solarium


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Horse solarium system STANDARD II-S from Warendorf

STANDARD II-S horse solarium

Two powerful solarium modules for uniform exposure

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Horse solarium system PRIVILEG-S from Warendorf

PRIVILEG-S horse solarium

...provides optimal solar exposure for your horse

More about PRIVILEG-S

Horse solarium system LUXUS-S from Warendorf

LUXUS-S horse solarium

With swiveling side elements for an extra large field of solar exposure

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SUNLIGHT solarium system for horses

SUNLIGHT horse solarium

Horse-compliant. Economical. Functional. Indispensable for modern horse keeping: SUNLIGHT. Solarium systems with excellent value for money!

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Accessories for horse solaria

Accessories for horse solaria

Heat showers, coin-operated machines, extension elements, lifting and lowering devices for an enhanced experience.

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Equine Solarium gallery | Horse solarium by Warendorfer solar systems

Horse Solarium made in Germany! EQUUS DESIGN offers high-quality, well proven horse solarium systems
Horse solaria for the health of your horses


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