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Equine Solarium systems for horses from Warendorf

Horse solaria for the health of your horses

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Equine solarium | Prevention of vitamin D deficiency problems

Operators of equestrian facilities, breeding farms and riding clubs have also recognised the enormous advantages of this possibility of use. The demand is great, because many horse owners regularly use the many advantages of a horse solarium to do something good for their horse.

A solarium for horses is no longer just part of the equipment of exquisite, professional training stables.

Horse solariums for powerful & healthy horses.


Infrared irradiation through horse solariums

Already 25 years ago the first horse solarium with effective spotlights was launched on the market. Experienced riders, breeders, veterinarians and other experts in equestrian sports recognised the healing effects of radiation through the solarium and as a result the first devices were developed. The infrared heat radiation was mainly used during the dark season. Infrared radiation has an overall positive influence on your horse. 


The demand for solariums has risen dramatically in recent years!

A large part of today's horse husbandry is based on pure stable management with often limited grazing. Especially in the winter months, horses spend most of the day in their boxes and the movement of the horse often takes place only in the indoor riding arena, so that the natural sunlight from daylight, warmth and fresh air is often lacking here as well. These circumstances do not correspond to a horse's natural way of life, and the risk of deficiency symptoms (e.g. the formation of vitamin D) should not be underestimated.

In the meantime, a horse solarium is used all year round, because horses benefit in many ways from the stimulating radiation.

Light & heat through infrared

Infrared lamps generate heat radiation to improve the blood circulation in the horse's muscles. The heat of the infrared lamps promotes muscle elasticity and can be used for regeneration after heavy training or competition. It stimulates the recovery of the horse. 

Solar before and after training

Our high-quality solariums, from the premium range of Warendorf solar systems, keep horses warm and healthy before and after training, as well as during the colder season. Muscles recover more quickly and the coat can dry more quickly. Of course, this also applies to our SUNLIGHT horse solarium with its great price-performance ratio.



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Horse solarium system STANDARD I-S from Warendorf

STANDARD I-S horse solarium


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Horse solarium system STANDARD II-S from Warendorf

STANDARD II-S horse solarium

Two powerful solarium modules for uniform exposure

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Horse solarium system PRIVILEG-S from Warendorf

PRIVILEG-S horse solarium

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Horse solarium system LUXUS-S from Warendorf

LUXUS-S horse solarium

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SUNLIGHT solarium system for horses

SUNLIGHT horse solarium

Horse-compliant. Economical. Functional. Indispensable for modern horse keeping: SUNLIGHT. Solarium systems with excellent value for money!

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Accessories for horse solaria

Accessories for horse solaria

Heat showers, coin-operated machines, extension elements, lifting and lowering devices for an enhanced experience.

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Horse Solarium made in Germany! EQUUS DESIGN offers high-quality, well proven horse solarium systems
Horse solaria for the health of your horses