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Accessories for horse solaria


Horse solaria by WARENDORFER SOLARANLAGEN can be upgraded and complemented with practical accessories.

Horse solarium heat shower

Heat shower

The smart heat shower system sets new standards in terms of efficiency and economy (shorter drying times, less energy consumption).

The three high-performance fans draw ambient air into the element and compress it with the hot air emitted by the lamps.

The warm air flows through the lamp openings, thereby intensifying the radiation heat flowing onto the horse. This considerably reduces the drying time.

Scope of delivery: 3 high-capacity fans for each polyester housing

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Horse solaria with coin machine

Coin-operated machine

Coin- or chip-operated machine integrated in the control unit, automatic time calculation, LED display, variable time settings.

Model versions:

  • Chip machine with 50 tokens
  • Key switch

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Extension element for horse solarium

Special extension element

Thanks to the additional infrared radiation on the neck area, the horses assume the desired forward/downward posture.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 inclined polyester housing
  • 1 IR lamp à 250 watts

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Lifting and lowering device for horse solaria

Lifting and lowering device

Safety straps guarantee a safe and uniform raising and lowering. The quiet-running motor features adjustable end stops and a free-fall safety brake.

Scope of delivery:

  • Lifting and lowering device
  • Roll stop
  • Fixing material

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