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Horse solarium PRIVILEG-S

Customised infrared radiation for your horse

PRIVILEG-S of the Warendorfer Solarium Series

The PRIVILEG-S model of the Warendorfer Solarium Series

Warendorfer horse solarium

Well-being and improved health for your horses

Horse solariums can prevent vitamin D deficiency symptoms and are therefore an important part of your horse's care. Our Warendorfer horse solariums have proven their value over many years and are known for their high-quality materials, excellent quality, and durability. The PRIVILEG-S model offers a uniform and intensive infrared radiant heat due to its three sturdy polyester housings.

Our horse solariums are available in different expansion stages, which can, therefore, meet different mounting situations, requirements, and budgets.

Horse Solarium PRIVILEG-S
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Horse solarium PRIVILIEG-S



Beneficial before and after training exercises, and also as a therapeutic measure!

With the PRIVILIEG-S solarium, only 10 minutes are required to simulate the blood circulation of your horse's muscles and, therefore, increase training outcomes.

After training exercises, the infrared light ensures that muscles, ligaments, and joints are protected from tension and muscle soreness. Afterwards, however, it is essential to keep the warmth in the body. Once the horse is comfortably warm, it should never be exposed to rain, cold, or wind without protection. A heat blanket maintains the warmth.

Light therapy can relieve pain in joints and tendons.

Scope of delivery | PRIVILEG-S horse solarium

Are you interested in purchasing the PRIVILEG-S horse solarium?

We compiled the scope of delivery, optional accessories, as well as the technical data of our horse solariums for you.

Scope of delivery:

  • 3 polyester housing
  • 1 coupling carrier
  • Chain suspension
  • 1 control unit with timer and selector switches
  • 24 IR spotlights of 250 watts each
  • 6 UV lamps of 300 watts each
  • 1 chain suspension
Accessoires | Horse solarium Privileg


  • Extra neck element
  • Motorised lift
  • Warendorfer warm air-shower
  • Coin timer/ Chip machine
Technical data: Horse solarium Privileg

Technical data:

  • Polyester housing:   3
  • Infrares-bulbs, 250 watt:   24
  • Ultravolet-bulbs, 300 watt:   6
  • Total output:   7.800 watt
  • Power subly:   400 volt AC
  • Electrical protections:   16 ampere slow acting
  • Total dimension (LxWxH):  1.900 mm x 2.050 mm x 585 mm
  • Total weight approx:   117 kg

PRIVILEG-S horse solarium

Solarium for horses
triple horse solarium
Horse sunbath
Timer for horse solarium
Horse solarium with 3 polyester housings
PRIVILEG-S solarium
Horse solarium the perfect balance after training