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Horse solarium | STANDARD I-S

The basic model of the Warendorfer solarium series

Horse solarium system STANDARD I-S

The basic model of the Warendorfer Solarium Series: STANDARD I-S

High-quality solarium for horses

First-class benefit is not a question of size, because the basic model of Warendorfer solarium series STANDARD I-S offers impressive radiation results for a horse solarium. It combines high functionality and ease of use. As in all our horse solariums, high-quality materials are carefully processed, allowing easy handling. Depending on your needs, you can also upgrade this model with additional accessories

Sunlight & warmth through infrared radiation

Our high-end Warendorfer equine solariums, keep your horse warm and healthy before and after training exercises, as well as during the colder seasons. Infrared lamps generate heat radiation to improve blood circulation in the muscles. The heat of the infrared lamps promotes muscle elasticity.

High-quality solarium for horses

Horse solarium Standard I-S | Made in Germany

You are interested in purchasing an equine solarium?

High performance in a compact design
The STANDARD I-S horse solarium from the Warendorf Solarium series is the ultimate proof. This model delivers remarkable results for a horse solarium with only one element.

Our horse solariums are available in different expansion options to meet different installation conditions, needs, and budgets.

We would be happy to advise you in person on the flexible model design, costs, the exemplary ease of operation thanks to only one control unit and an economical warm air shower.

Would you like to learn more about our horse solarium model STANDARD I-S?

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Scope of delivery: Horse solarium

You are interested in buying a solarium for your horses?

We compiled the scope of delivery, optional attachments, as well as the technical data of our horse solarium STANDARD I-S for you.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 polyester housing
  • 1 control unit with timer and selector switches for all add-on options
  • Chain suspension
  • Control cable
  • 8 IR lamps à 250 watts
  • 2 UV lamps à 300 watts
Accessoires: Horse solarium


  • Extra neck element
  • Motorised lift
  • Warendorfer warm air-shower
  • Coin timer/ Chip machine

Technical data:

  • Polyester housing:   1
  • Infrares-bulbs, 250 watt:   8
  • Ultravolet-bulbs, 300 watt:   2
  • Total output:   2,600 watt
  • Power subly:   230 volt AC
  • Electrical protections:   16 ampere slow acting
  • Total dimension (LxWxH):   1,915 mm x 560 mmm x 265 mm
  • Total weight approx:   40 kg

STANDARD-I-S gallery

Solarium system STANDARD I-S for horses
STANDARD I-S horse solarium
STANDARD I-S horse solarium system
STANDARD I-S horse solarium systems

Horse Solarium STANDARD I-S of the Warendorfer solarium series


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