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The SUNLIGHT horse solarium

Solarium system with excellent value for money

With its excellent value for money , this horse solarium is indispensible for modern horse-keeping. It excels with its horse-compliant design and flexible model options. The solar radiation system features a sturdy, galvanised and powder-coated sheet steel housing as well as a protection screen for safe operation.

SUNLIGHT is a combined solar radiation and hairdryer system and thus very economical. The German quality product is easy to install and easy to use. The horse solarium is available in two different model versions – SUNLIGHT I and SUNLIGHT II. Version I comes with one radiation unit, version II includes a second one.

Using the SUNLIGHT horse solarium, you get an effective and low-cost drying effect, and you save time as well (hair drying and sun radiation in one step).

Photos of the SUNLIGHT horse solarium

SUNLIGHT horse solarium
SUNLIGHT horse solarium
SUNLIGHT solarium system for horses
Solarium system SUNLIGHT for horses
The solarium for your horse – SUNLIGHT