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Interesting facts about equine solariums

The effect of UV radiation on horses

Warendorfer Pferdesolarium

Equine solarium - Why?

Horses are steppe animals and need plenty of sunlight as well as sufficient exercise. Due to today's predominantly stable-based husbandry, limited grazing and exercise mainly in indoor arenas, our horses receive too little of the natural sunlight they need.

Large windows in the stable promote the well-being of our horses, but absorb the necessary UV radiation.

More questions about the horse solarium

Ultraviolett radiation

promotes growth and is involved in the formation of vitamin D, whose best-known function is its involvement in bone metabolism. Among other things, vitamin D promotes the absorption of phosphate and calcium from the intestine and their incorporation into the bones. It therefore plays a key role in bone mineralisation. UV rays also strengthen the immune system, activating the body's own defences and thus increasing immunity to infectious diseases. Ultraviolet rays also have a disinfectant effect against bacteria, germs and viruses, resulting in rapid wound healing. The circulation is also stabilised and there is a general increase in performance.


Infrared radiation

The Warendorfer horse solariums work with infrared light, which is divided into three wavelengths that penetrate the tissue to different depths:

  • The short-wave Infrared-A penetrates the skin into the subcutis,
  • The medium-wave Infrared B penetrates into the dermis, the dermis.
  • The long-wave Infrared C radiation has virtually no penetration depth and is already absorbed in the upper layer of the skin, the epidermis.

"Anyone can do something good for their horse with a solarium, especially in the cold season," says vet Philipp Teichmann in an interview with the equestrian magazine St. Georg. Before training, it serves to warm up and warm up the back slightly, after training to relax and thus also prevent sore muscles. A horse solarium is also suitable for horses with back disorders, such as kissing spines, to warm up the muscles before work.


Advantages of horse solariums

Advantages of solariums

Discover the benefits of equine solariums for the well-being and health of your horses.

Learn more about the benefits

Individual horse solarium

Which model?

Warendorf horse solariums offer various models for different requirements. Flexibly expandable for optimum use.

To the model overview

Purchase requirements

Power, placement, power connection. Find out what is important before you decide.

What you should know before you buy!

Reasons to buy

Why is a horse solarium a worthwhile investment for your horse's health and performance?

Discover the reasons to buy here!

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