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Benefits for equine health

Maximum health for your horse

Warendorfer equine solaria

Warendorfer horse solarium

The multifunctional Warendorfer equine solarias

Horse solariums are used all year round. For many riders, it is pure drying that they associate with the horse solarium. But the Warendorfer horse solariums can do more thanks to the proven combination of infrared and ultraviolet radiation


Find out more about Warendorfer solarium for horses

The strengths of our horse solariums

  • To avoid muscle soreness, it is important to break down lactic acid
  • Ultraviolet radiation replaces missing sunlight, it supports the formation of vitamin D3 and thus promotes growth and bone formation
  • The immune system is strengthened by ultraviolet radiation, which increases resistance to infectious diseases
  • Regular radiation leads to increased blood circulation, the horse's circulation is stabilised and performance reserves are increased
  • UV rays have a disinfectant effect against bacteria, germs and viruses, which leads to better wound healing
  • To prevent tendon and muscle injuries, the infrared radiant heaters warm and loosen the horse's muscles before training. After training, they ensure that the muscles relax.
  • Regular radiation leads to better breeding success. The hormonal balance is activated, increasing fertility and receptivity in mares and increasing performance in stallions
  • The heat from the infrared and ultraviolet radiators ensures that your horse dries more quickly. This effect can be further enhanced with a warm air shower, where the warm emitter exhaust air is blown onto the horse's back.
Interesting facts about horse solariums

Interesting facts

Find out interesting facts about equine solariums. How they work, how they promote health and how they are used.

Interesting facts about horse solarium

Overview of models

Which model?

Warendorf horse solariums offer various models for different requirements. Flexibly expandable for optimum use.

To the model overview

Purchase requirements

Power, placement, power connection. Find out what is important before you decide.

What you should know before you buy!

Reasons to buy a horse solarium

Reasons to buy

Why is a horse solarium a worthwhile investment for your horse's health and performance?

Discover the reasons to buy here!

FAQ's about the horse solarium

Frequently asked questions and tips for efficient use and care

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the horse solarium and its possible uses. Get useful information, tips and advice on the care and optimum use of your device.

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