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Warendorfer Equine Solarias – Made in Germany

Everything for vital, powerful and healthy horses

Warendorf horse solariums for the health of horses

Warendorfer Pferdesolarien

Modular design for individual requirements

Warendorfer horse solariums are characterised by their modular and functional design, unparalleled ease of handling, first-class quality and excellent workmanship.

They have been in maintenance-free use worldwide for more than 30 years.

Warendorfer Pferdesolarium STANDARD I-S

STANDARD I-S -  A lot of power in the smallest space.

STANDARD I-S is the basic model of the Warendorfer horse solariums. It is often used for therapeutic purposes for horses with back problems, e.g. kissing spines, to warm up the muscles before work. However, it is also used in narrow spaces, on the treadmill, above the examination stand, in recovery boxes or horse transporters.
Further information on the STANDARD I-S horse solarium

Warendorfer Pferdesolarium STANDARD II-S for horses

STANDARD II-S - The bestseller of the Warendorfer horse solariums

The two high-performance radiation elements make the STANDARD II-S an all-rounder that is used in professional, public and private riding stables, because the STANDARD II-S has proven itself worldwide for more than 30 years, especially where cost-benefit, throughput and speed are important.
Further information on the STANDARD II-S horse solarium

Warendorfer Pferdesolarium PRIVILEG-S for horses

PRIVILEG-S - Triple radiation

The PRIVILEG-S horse solarium from Warendorfer Equine Solariums is equipped with three powerful radiation elements. As many horse farms have busy periods, they need a horse solarium with high output. In the PRIVILEG-S model, 24 infrared deep heat emitters and 6 ultraviolet emitters provide power for drying, therapy, health and warming up your horses.
More information on the PRIVILEG-S horse solarium

Warendorfer Pferdesolarium LUXUS-S for horses

LUXUS-S -  Ideal setting for every requirement

The LUXUS-S horse solarium from Warendorfer offers flexible adjustment options thanks to the swivelling side elements. When opened up, it offers a huge radiation area, which is particularly appreciated by team drivers and breeders who want to tan two horses or a mare and foal at the same time. The LUXUS-S model, with 24 infrared deep heat emitters and 6 ultraviolet emitters, can be individually adjusted to the building of a single horse and offers targeted power, which is used by equine clinics and rehabilitation centres with aquatrainers as well as large riding facilities. But the LUXUS-S horse solarium is also at home in private stables.


All four models of the Warendorfer horse solariums can be equipped with lifting and lowering devices, Warendorfer warm-air-shower and neck-elements, even at a later date. The control unit is prepared for this extension right from the start.
More information obout the accessories

The innovative design of the radiation elements

The housings of the Warendorfer horse solariums are moulded from polyester fabric-reinforced and do not deform even when exposed to high radiant heat. They are UV-stable, lightfast and protected against dripping water.

Each radiation element contains 8 infrared deep heat emitters and 2 ultraviolet emitters, ideal for therapy, drying and horse health.

There are three openings on the back of each radiation element so that the heat produced by the bulbs can escape. This means that there is no heat build-up in the individual radiation elements and there is no need for continuous use of the fans to cool the bulbs.

The open top system of the Warendorfer horse solariums allows the condensation that forms during drying to escape upwards. This means that there is no annoying dripping and no dirt build-up in and on the radiation element. But even more importantly, there is no heat build-up under the horse solarium, which is particularly unpleasant for the horses.

Thanks to the modular design of the Warendorfer horse solariums, your horse solarium can be customised to suit different installation situations, requirements and budgets. If changes are made to your stable, you remain flexible thanks to the ability to retrofit the equine solarium with additional radiation elements, heat showers, lifting and lowering devices or neck/neck elements. The control unit is prepared for these extensions right from the start.

Interesting facts about horse solariums

Interesting facts

Find out interesting facts about equine solariums. How they work, how they promote health and how they are used.

Interesting facts about horse solarium

Advantages of horse solariums

Advantages of solariums

Discover the benefits of equine solariums for the well-being and health of your horses.

Learn more about the benefits

Purchase requirements

Power, placement, power connection. Find out what is important before you decide.

What you should know before you buy!

Reasons to buy

Why is a horse solarium a worthwhile investment for your horse's health and performance?

Discover the reasons to buy here!

FAQ's about the horse solarium

Frequently asked questions and tips for efficient use and care

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the horse solarium and its possible uses. Get useful information, tips and advice on the care and optimum use of your device.

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