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Horse solarium FAQ's

Questions and answers

Optimum distance between the equine solarium and the horse's back?

This question is often asked. Based on many years of experience and a lot of feedback from horse solarium users, we recommend a distance of 50 cm - 60 cm from the horizontal centre of the housing to the horse's back. But every rider knows best what is good for the horse. If the horse becomes restless, the distance should be increased, because the horse should relax and enjoy itself.

The horse solarium can be optimally and individually adjusted with a lift.

Radiation yes! How long?

Radiation recommendations for horses are based on the experience of satisfied users of the Warendorfer horse solariums over the last three decades and should only be seen as a suggestion, as they cannot be applied equally to every horse. The individual radiation of a horse depends in particular on its size, conformation and breed. In addition, sport horses have different requirements than broodmares or stallions. Sick or injured horses require individualised radiation, which can also be discussed with the vet.

It is up to you to decide which individual radiation is best for your horse, as every rider is the best judge of whether his/her horse feels comfortable.

Sport horses, dressage horses, show jumpers and leisure horses should be exposed to ultraviolet and infrared light for 10 - 15 minutes to loosen them up before riding. After riding, the washed horse can be exposed to ultraviolet and infrared light for another 20 - 25 minutes under the solar system and dried. If the horses have plenty of daylight in the summer months due to sufficient exercise, paddock next to the stalls or access to pasture, ultraviolet radiation during drying can be dispensed with.

Broodmares should be exposed to UV light for approx. 20 minutes a day from December to April. Breeding stallions should be exposed to UV light for between 5 - 10 minutes a day. Foals can be exposed to UV light for between 5 - 10 minutes a day during the winter months.

In the case of horse illnesses (e.g. colic and stalling), it is particularly beneficial to bridge the waiting time until the vet arrives with UV radiation. This visibly calms the sick horse.

In the case of injuries to horses (e.g. saddle pressure or open areas on the back), it is recommended that the horse is exposed to UV light for 5 - 10 minutes a day until it is completely healthy. This stimulates blood circulation in the affected areas and the wounds heal very quickly.

Drying horses and ponies. The solarium can also be used to dry the horse after riding. To do this, the horse is exposed to IR light until the coat is completely dry.

Daily radiation improves the general condition of the horses and is also reflected in the lustre of their coats.

Interesting facts about horse solariums

Interesting facts about horse solarium

Find out interesting facts about horse tanning beds. From how they work to the health of your horses and how to use them - we provide you with comprehensive information for optimal use.
Interesting facts about horse solarium

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