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Professional horse care

Horse solarium an indispensable element in the stable

Warendorfer Solaranlagen

Healthy horses - happy riders

Discover the many functions of the horse solariums. From heating the muskles to quick drying and individual radiation, discover how this system affects your horse's health and performance.


Find out more benefits for your horse

Faster drying

Many riders only associate the horse solarium with drying their horses, and this should be done as quickly as possible. If the heat from the radiators alone is not enough, the horse solarium can be equipped with heat showers.

The Warendorfer warm-air-shower - drying through recycling

Outside air is drawn into the polyester housing by 3 high-performance fans per radiation element and compressed with the hot radiator exhaust air. This hot air exits at the lamp openings and significantly intensifies the radiant heat on the horse. This shortens the drying time without the need for high power consumption for external heaters and the associated high costs.

   Low power consumption

+ faster drying time

+ Longer service life of the spotlights due to airflow cooling

= highest economic efficiency

With all the drying options available, it is important to remember that horses are living creatures that dry and perspire at different rates. Therefore, drying should not be done too quickly, because then there is no time for the horses to really come down and sweat out.

Heavily sweaty horses that still have an elevated pulse should never be placed under the horse solarium directly after work, as this adds even more energy to the heated horse.

Stagnant heat and condensation

Warendorfer horse solariums are open systems at the top, so that no heat build-up can occur under the horse solarium, which is particularly unpleasant for the horses. The condensation caused by rising damp air during drying can escape upwards. This means that there is no annoying dripping and no dirt build-up in and on the radiation element.

Cervical-neck area

For the heavily stressed neck muscles, the horse solarium should be equipped with additional infrared radiation for this area. The horse benefits from the targeted relaxation and moves into the desired forward/downward posture. This is used not only by vets, breeders and riders, but also by leisure riders and drivers.

All Warendorfer horse solarium models can be fitted with neck-neck elements. These can also be retrofitted.

Individual height adjustment

In order to be able to adjust the equine solarium individually to each horse, an electric lift is recommended. It should be noted that it is not equipped with wire ropes (which can unhook) but with belts, as in a car. The drop-load brake, which is mandatory for professional horse farms, equestrian centres, riding stables, etc., is important. It is used in case someone cuts off a strap so that the horse solarium remains suspended and does not fall onto the horse.

The low-noise lifting and lowering device of the Warendorfer horse solariums has all the safety features, plus an up and down limit switch adjustment so that no one can let the horse solarium go under the ceiling or onto the floor. The 4-point suspension of the lift ensures smooth running and the horse solarium does not swing.

At riding stables and equestrian centres, the solarium for horses is often installed in a combined grooming and washing area. In this case, a lift should be planned in at the time of purchase so that the rider has space for grooming, washing and saddling.

In some equestrian properties, the horse solarium is installed in the stable aisle for space reasons. In this case too, a lift should definitely be planned. The Warendorfer horse solariums also offer the option of folding up the radiation elements to a horizontal position so that the horse solarium hangs straight under the ceiling and offers sufficient clearance height for the tractor or Hoftrac.

Coin- or token operated machine - Practical & profitable

A solarium for horses must be refinanced in economically managed horse farms and riding centres as well as riding clubs. This is easily achieved with a chip or coin-operated machine. The time setting should be selected so that 50% of the insertion value is used to cover the electricity costs and the other 50% to refinance the horse solarium. It must be possible for the operator of the equestrian centre to adjust the value of the money in order to be able to react to operational changes.

With a coin-or token operated machine, each rider can decide whether, how often and for how long they want to use the horse solarium.

The token or coin machine of the Warendorfer horse solariums can be integrated into the control unit so that there is no need to hang up another box.

Easy handling

The control unit should be easy to use, even with cold, wet or gloved hands, in order to be able to select the different applications for the horse solarium. The control units of the Warendorfer horse solariums are characterised by easy handling thanks to toggles as selector switches and a clear layout.

The control unit is prepared for all installation options right from the start. If the horse solarium is extended, there is no need to install an additional control unit next to it. There are no additional costs.

Coloured light therapy

A helpful tool for healthy and vital horses is coloured light therapy, which is no longer only found in rehabilitation centres and veterinary clinics. Coloured light is also used at riding facilities, stables and stud farms to positively influence energetic disorders of the musculoskeletal system, bodily functions and behaviour.

Red, yellow, green, blue, violet - the different colours have individual wavelengths that have different effects on the body.

RED is the colour of strength, has an activating, circulation-promoting and vasodilating effect. ORANGE supports all metabolic programmes. YELLOW allows life energy and bodily fluids to flow and has a positive effect on the lymphatic system. GREEN stands for balance, stability and revitalisation. BLUE has a calming, cooling and analgesic effect. VIOLET has a harmonising effect and promotes regeneration on all levels.

All Warendorfer horse solariums can be equipped with coloured light in addition to the standard infrared and ultraviolet radiation.

Aquatrainer and horse solarium - a perfect match

Training in the aquatrainer is particularly suitable after operations, acute tendon damage, back problems, but also for equalisation training and muscle building. Afterwards, it is important that the horse is completely dry, which is ensured by a high-performance horse solarium, such as the LUXUS-S model, which can be individually adjusted to each horse thanks to its swivelling side radiation elements.

Heat plates vs. horse solarium

Flat heating panels, which are hung above the grooming area, only provide pleasant warmth. The approach of these heating panels is different to that of a horse solarium with infrared deep heat and ultraviolet radiators.  The horse solarium is all about vitality, health and keeping the horse healthy, warming and relaxing the deep muscles, producing vitamin B3 and much more.

The heating panels only generate a pleasant warmth and may only be used in some cases at stable temperatures above 12°C.

Interesting facts about horse solariums

Interesting facts

Find out interesting facts about equine solariums. How they work, how they promote health and how they are used.

Interesting facts about horse solarium

Advantages of horse solariums

Advantages of solariums

Discover the benefits of equine solariums for the well-being and health of your horses.

Learn more about the benefits

Individual horse solarium

Which model?

Warendorf horse solariums offer various models for different requirements. Flexibly expandable for optimum use.

To the model overview

Purchase requirements

Power, placement, power connection. Find out what is important before you decide.

What you should know before you buy!

FAQ's about the horse solarium

Frequently asked questions and tips for efficient use and care

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the horse solarium and its possible uses. Get useful information, tips and advice on the care and optimum use of your device.

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