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Warendorfer Solaranlagen

Horse solarium - Warendorfer Solaranlagen

Information horse solarium

You are planning to buy an equine solarium? Then you should think about its use beforehand:
1. How many horses will use the solarium? A question that is always asked in this context: "Will all the riders use the horse solarium?" "No." In every stable or riding facility there are riders who do not see the benefit of the horse solarium. The target is that 60%-70% of riders use the horse solarium regularly and 10%-15% use it sporadically.
2. Where is the focus? Is the horse solarium only used for drying or should it also be used for horse health, for warming up before training and coming down after training?
3. Where should the equine solarium be installed? Is a separate solarium space available or will the horse solarium be mounted at the washing area? In this case, a lift should be considered in order to have enough space for grooming and saddling.
4. What kind of power supply is available? In order to be able to use a powerful horse solarium, a high-voltage connection is required, as for the oat crusher.
Why these questions? The Warendorfer horse solariums are modular systems that we assort together according to your needs and budget. The suitable equine solarium for you and your horse.