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Warendorfer Solaranalgen

Horse solarium with infrared lights

Horse solariums with infrared heaters

Warendorfer Solaranlagen

Now is the time to think about a horse solarium in your stable.
Fact is: Winter will come, your horse will start training with cold muscles, hardly comes outside, drying takes forever.
So what to do? Buy a horse solarium for your stable. Your horse will benefit in many ways from the warming and stimulating rays of Warendorf solariums.
The infrared heat emitters of the horse solarium do an important job of warming and loosening your horse's muscles before training to prevent tendon and muscle injuries.

After training, they ensure that the muscles are relaxed and the lactic acid is broken down to prevent muscle soreness and dry your horse.
Ultraviolet irradiation replaces natural sunlight and provides well-being, strengthens the immune system, supports the formation of vitamin B3, bone formation, faster wound healing and muscle metabolism. The hormonal balance is activated. This leads to higher performance in stallions, and to higher fertility and receptivity in mares.