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Warendorfer Solaranlagen

Stability and revitalization

Horse solariums - Warendorfer Solaranlagen

Solariums with infrared ultraviolet irradiation

Helpful tool for healthy and vital horses

Warendorf solar systems can be equipped with colored light in addition to infrared and ultraviolet irradiation. This has a positive effect on energetic disturbances in the musculoskeletal system, bodily functions and behavior.
Red, yellow, green, blue, violet - The different colors have individual wavelengths that affect the body differently.

RED is the color of strength, has an activating effect, promotes blood circulation and dilates blood vessels. ORANGE supports all metabolic programs. YELLOW allows life energy and bodily fluids to flow and has a positive effect on the lymphatic system. GREEN stands for balance, stability and revitalization. BLUE has a calming, cooling and analgesic effect. VIOLET has a harmonizing effect and promotes regeneration at all levels.