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Horse solarium with hot air showers

Warendorfer Solaranlagen

Horse solarium with hot air showers

Horse solariums from Warendorfer Solaranlagen

Shorter drying times -  the warm-air-shower saves your time!

The horse solariums by Warendorfer Solaranlagen can be equipped with warm-air-showers. Three high-performance fans per housing  of the equine solaria draw fresh air into the housing and compress it with the heat from the bulbs. This warm air is discharged at the bulbs openings and significantly intensifies the radiant heat transferred to the horse. 
Warendorfer horse solarias are open systems, so that no unpleasant accumulated heat is generated under the horse solarium. The condensation that arises during drying, due to rising humid air, can escape upwards. This means that there is no annoying dripping and no dirt build-up in and around the polyester housings.