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Riding mirrors | dressage mirrors | arena mirrors

Break-resistant with DIAMOND SYSTEM®

DIAMOND SYSTEM® riding arena mirrors are lengths ahead!

Only the best quality, high-grade and most advanced materials can satisfy the requiremens and expectations of today's riders. Anything less is simply not acceptable. That is why the unique DIAMOND SYSTEM® is uncompromising when it comes to safety:

  • Extremely high impact resistance: 6 times higher protection against breakage compared to conventional 6 mm mirrors
  • Insulation and coating: reduced mirror fogging due to insulation material and coating
  • Almost distortion-free image reproduction: optimal reflection by combining crystal glass with DIAMOND SYSTEM® technology
  • Protected edges: the solid wood frame provides optimal protection of edges and ensures tension-free mounting of the mirror in riding halls and outdoor arenas.


Good reasons for the well proven DIAMOND SYSTEM®

1. Impact resistance

As tests have shown, DIAMOND SYSTEM® mirrors can well compare with tempered single-pane and laminated safety glass. The impact resistance is 6 times higher than with conventional 6 mm mirror walls. In the unlikely event of breakage the strong bond between the mirror and the back panel prevents that the crystal glass mirror releases from the panel. This ensures the highest degree of safety for you and your horse.

Break-resistant riding mirror

A: A steel ball (± 2 kg) is dropped from a height of about 30 cm. The conventional mirror (6 mm) shatters into a myriad of pieces.

B: The same steel ball is dropped from a height of about 150 cm. The DIAMOND SYSTEM® protected wall cladding resists.

C: Nothing is completely unbreakable. But even when breakage occurs, the DIAMOND SYSTEM® stays put, the shards are safely trapped.


2. Custom-made to suit individual requirements

Due to the enormous flexibility of the DIAMOND SYSTEM®, the mirrors can be made to measure. The covers of the mechanical and electrical components can be printed as and if required.


3. Thermal insulation

Outstanding thermal protection guarantees optimal thermal insulation. The room-facing mirror front heats up and helps maintain the room temperature. Heat is even reflected back into the room while the reverse side of the mirror's glazing provides an insulating effect. The aluminium laminate on the reverse side prevents the penetration of damp and humidity. In this way, fogging and icing are avoided to the greatest possible extent. The rear mounting assembly design is completely tension-free, so there's no distortion, even at the mirror joints.


4. Image reproduction

Another significant advantage of crystal glass mirrors is that they are less light absorbing and thus provide optimal reflection.


riding mirrors | dressage mirrors | arena mirrors

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Mirror for riding arena