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riding arena mirrors shatter-proof with DIAMOND SYSTEM®

Perfect mirrors to support the professional training of riders and horses

Riding hall mirror, impact-resistant

Indoor riding mirrors featuring the DIAMOND SYSTEM® excel with their high impact resistance.

Impact-resistant mirrors for your riding hall

Break- and impact-resistant indoor riding mirrors featuring the DIAMOND SYSTEM® have proven their worth over the years. The impact resistance of these special riding mirrors is 6 times higher than that of single-pane safety glass. Should breakage occur, the strong adhesive bond between the mirror and the back panel ensures that no glass fragments are scattered about. That means the safety of riders and horses is guaranteed at all times. We also offer special riding mirrors for outdoor arenas.

Considering individual riding hall constructions and applications, we manufacture custom-made riding mirrors to suit your requirements. Benefit from our professional advice.

Impressions of indoor riding mirrors

Riding mirror with DIAMOND SYSTEM®
Indoor riding arena with mirror
Indoor arena with small mirror reflecting the tracks
Mirrors for indoor riding facilities
Indoor riding mirror
Indoor riding arena mirror
Riding mirror for indoor facilities
Horse-riding with a perfect riding mirror
Horse-riding with a mirror
Riding mirror and kickboard
Riding hall kickboard and mirror
Riding mirrors for riders and horses
custom-made indoor riding mirrors
Riding hall mirrors made to measure
Indoor riding mirrors tailor-made to individual specifications
Riding hall mirrors, long
Indoor riding mirrors, large
Mirrors for indoor riding arenas