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Impact-resistant outdoor riding mirrors with DIAMOND SYSTEM®

Riding mirror for outdoor use

Outdoor riding mirrors

Riding mirrors with DIAMOND SYSTEM® for outdoor use

Break-resitant mirrors for your outdoor riding arena

This DIAMOND SYSTEM® outdoor riding mirror is composed of a firm bond of 6 mm of crystal mirror glass, 4 mm of elastic foam and a 20 mm rigid foam insulation panel with an aluminium coating. The solid Meranti wood frame, 80 mm wide, 67 mm strong and coated with a 3-fold walnut coloured finish, protects the edges and serves as a mounting aid.

A tension-free, 20 mm wood frame holds the mirror in place. The reverse side is protected by a weatherproofed cover plate.

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Impressions of outdoor riding mirrors DIAMOND SYSTEM®

Arena mirror DIAMOND SYSTEM ®
Dressage mirror
DIAMOND SYSTEM ® outdoor riding mirror
Arena mirror | Safety | DIAMOND SYSTEM®
Mirror | DIAMOND SYSTEM® | Shockproof
Shockproof | Crystal mirror glass | DIAMOND SYSTEM®
Arena mirror optimal image reproduction
Dressage mirror with wooden frame
Dressage mirror
Dressage mirror | DIAMOND SYSTEM® | Safety
Safety | Crystal mirror glass | Shockproof
Dressage mirror | DIAMOND SYSTEM® | Shatterproof
Shatterproof | Shockproof | Safety
Dressage mirror optimal image reproduction
Dressage mirror | Shatterproof | Shockproof
Horse arena mirrors
Mirror | Crystal mirror glass | DIAMOND SYSTEM®
DIAMOND SYSTEM® | optimal image reproduction
Riding arena mirror DIAMOND SYSTEM®
Mirror with optimal image reproduction
DIAMOND SYSTEM® | Shockproof | Shatterproof
Horse riding arena mirrors
DIAMOND SYSTEM® | Dressage mirror | Safety

Outdoor riding mirror with the DIAMOND SYSTEM®



Mounting devices for outdoor riding arena mirrors

The steel forked poles with welded-on base plates are hot-dip galvanized, designed according to static requirements to accommodate the exterior mirror for a ground clearance of up to 130 cm. Including anchor bolts, holding rails and adjusting screws for horizontal adjustability. Delivery includes verifiable statics for wind load assumption of 1.0 KN and foundation plan.

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