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Interesting facts about riding mirrors

Riding mirror indispensable for precise training


Indoor riding mirror DIAMOND SYSTEM®

Who are riding mirrors suitable for? Who uses riding mirrors?

All branches of equestrian sport, be it dressage riders, show jumpers, eventers, but also team riders and show riders, as well as riders at state studs and riding academies, use riding mirrors in the riding hall or in the riding arena. Riding athletes value the riding mirror as a training aid.

Correcting small mistakes can lead to better training technique and much more productive training sessions. A show jumper must master the basics of dressage work. Riding mirrors are also used when jumping to check and improve the horse's jumping sequence. Correcting small mistakes can lead to a better jumping sequence.

Riding with precision - crystal clear and shatterproof riding mirrors 

Riding is a matter of feeling and this is where the riding mirror comes into play. During a competition, the rider is alone, but through the many training sessions with trainer and riding mirror, he/she has developed a feeling for whether the horse is closed and straight. Unlike with a video recording, the rider can correct himself "just in time" and check this correction. This allows him to train his sensitivity for small changes in the long term.

Dressage riders and classical riders in particular cannot and do not want to do without a riding mirror during their training, to correct themselves and their horse while riding. The riding mirror offers the perfect training aid to see and correct seat faults, faults in position and bending, straightness or contact.

Inaccuracies in execution are recognised immediately and changes are made straight away before they become a habit. This is invaluable for training progress when learning to ride for horse and rider.

The riding mirror therefore helps to achieve optimum training results even in the absence of the riding instructor. Nevertheless, a riding mirror cannot replace a riding lesson with a riding instructor.


From risk to safety

Riding mirror without DIAMOND SYSTEM®

Often seen in horse properties and riding centres. Crystal glass mirrors are glued to wooden panels and hung in the riding arena. The wooden panel expands and shrinks under the different weather conditions in the riding arena. The mirror is under a lot of tension, and touching it with the crop is often enough to cause the mirror to crack. According to information from reputable veterinary clinics, this often leads to severe cuts, some of which are fatal. Even if the horse and rider have not suffered any damage, the riding surface must be replaced to avoid subsequent cuts caused by shards of riding sand.

Riding mirror with DIAMOND SYSTEM®

Maximum safety for horse and rider! This is what the DIAMOND SYSTEM® was developed for. Thanks to its 6x higher impact resistance than a conventional 6 mm mirror, its full-surface bonding and the rear construction, such injuries are a thing of the past.

Ultimately, everything is breakable, but if the DIAMOND SYSTEM® riding mirror breaks, it remains stuck in the frame, similar to the windscreen in a car, and there are no serious injuries.

Riding mirror size in detail

Find the optimum size for more effective riding. Here you will find valuable tips and information.

Riding mirror - size guide

FAQs on the riding mirror

We provide clarity. Questions and answers about the riding mirror. Get useful information, tips and advice.

Questions about the riding mirror

Optimal reflections for perfect performance

DIAMOND SYSTEM® riding mirrors revolutionize equestrian sport

Riding mirrors are an indispensable training tool for dressage riders, show jumpers, show riders and drivers, for leisure riders and professional riders, where safety for horse and rider and perfect image reproduction are the most important features. This is what the high-quality DIAMOND SYSTEM® riding mirrors, which were developed for equestrian sports, stand for.

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