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Riding mirror FAQ's

Questions and answers

Why a riding mirror with DIAMOND SYSTEM®?

This is what the DIAMOND SYSTEM® was developed for. Thanks to its 6x higher impact resistance than a conventional 6 mm mirror, its full-surface bonding and the rear construction, such injuries are a thing of the past.

Ultimately, everything is breakable, but if the DIAMOND SYSTEM® riding mirror breaks, it remains stuck in the frame, similar to the windscreen in a car, and there are no serious injuries.

Have you ever thrown a steel ball into a riding mirror?

"Oh, that's the riding mirror with the ball" The DIAMOND SYSTEM® riding mirror has been presented at numerous tournaments, national championships and trade fairs around the world over the past 20 years, always with the option for visitors to throw a steel ball on a rope into the mirror. Today, many people recognise the DIAMOND SYSTEM® riding mirror by precisely this possibility, because even those who have not yet tried it themselves have at least heard of this unbreakable riding mirror.

Why is an uneven number of mirror elements recommended?

The dressage mirror or riding mirror on the short side of the riding arena is made up of several mirror elements to create a mirror image. We always recommend an uneven number of mirror elements so that the centre line can be used perfectly.

How is the riding mirror cleaned?

The DIAMOND SYSTEM® chrystal glass and chrome glass riding mirrors can be cleaned like a window with water and a neutral cleaning agent. A window washer is quick and easy to use, and the window squeegee then ensures streak-free drying of the mirror surfaces.

To cover the riding mirror or not?

If the riding arena is used for free jumping, the mirrors must be removed, as the horses could be irritated by the mirror and jump into it. Electric covers made of a tear-proof and dimensionally stable fabric structure that is colourfast and washable are best suited for covering the mirrors. These are guided at the sides by steel cables to prevent them from blowing up.

Blinds and curtains attached to the riding mirror at a later date are not recommended, as the additional weight can change the inclination of the mirror. It is also difficult to keep such covers clean due to dust and moisture in the indoor or outdoor riding arena.

Why use electric vertical awnings to cover the riding mirrors?

Many years of experience in covering the riding mirrors have shown that manual operation with a hand crank often proves to be difficult and time-consuming. A kick board height of 1.60 m plus a 2.00 m riding mirror equals a height of 3.60 m. Inserting the hand crank into the eyelet provided here is a game of patience. Moreover, even with the long version of the crank handle, smaller people cannot reach high enough to insert it.

Roller blinds with chain pulls have not proved suitable for riding halls and riding arenas due to dust and moisture.

If several covers are required, e.g. for mirrors covering the entire side of the riding arena or for several riding mirrors, the electric vertical awnings offer the option of operating all covers simultaneously. This is possible with a wall switch, but also with radio motors with remote control.

How is the DIAMOND SYSTEM® indoor riding arena mirror mounted without a riding rail?

The indoor riding arena mirror is usually set up and mounted on the kick wall. But in some riding arenas there is no railing or it is too low.

For such requirements, the DIAMOND SYSTEM® indoor riding mirror can be mounted with a support bracket sunk into the wooden frame. This is a very filigree solution. The mirror looks like a painting on the wall of the riding arena.

Can I fit the riding mirror myself?

Smaller DIAMOND SYSTEM® riding mirrors up to 6 metres wide can be installed by the rider themselves, as almost all riding clubs, riding facilities and stud farms have skilled helpers who are up to the task. If several mirror elements have to be mounted in one frame to form one mirror image, the installation is carried out by our riding mirror experts.

Why have foil mirrors not proven themselves in equestrian use despite their excellent image reproduction?

A foil mirror has the best image reproduction. The thinner the mirror surface, the better the image reproduction because the light is refracted less. These foil mirrors were developed for the theatre, but they have not proven themselves in equestrian use. Firstly because of the dirt in the riding arena. The foil mirrors cannot be cleaned with soap and water. If they are cleaned, the sand acts like sandpaper and scratches the mirror surface.

Due to the strong temperature fluctuations and the humidity in the indoor riding arena, the tensile strength of the films stretched tightly on the frame decreases. This tension can also cause the light mirrors to tear on contact with a crop.

Foil mirrors or lightweight mirrors are often chosen as a more cost-effective solution than a real glass mirror, which does not work if you value durability and sustainability.

When purchasing a riding mirror, whether for a riding club, dressage training stable or private riding centre, image reproduction is the top priority in addition to safety. It is therefore important that the static stability of the riding mirror is such that it is set up at a certain angle on the kick wall and does not get a "belly". This is the only way to ensure that the mirror image is virtually distortion-free.

Even if several mirror elements are mounted in one frame, for example for the complete mirroring of the short side, this static stability is important in order to create a mirror image from the various mirror elements.

Wooden frame vs. plastic frame

The DIAMOND SYSTEM® riding mirrors are only manufactured with wooden frames because this is the only way to frame the mirrors without tension. If plastic frames are used, distortions are often visible at the edges.

The solid wooden frame is also the perfect building material for aligning and attaching the DIAMOND SYSTEM® riding mirrors.

Indoor riding arena mirror vs. Outdoor riding mirror

The difference between the two types of riding mirrors is the wooden frame and the glass. For indoor riding arenas, DIAMOND SYSTEM® riding mirrors are made of crystal glass with a light-coloured laminated wood frame. This can be painted or varnished to match the colour of the riding arena.

DIAMOND SYSTEM® Outdoor riding mirrors  should be used for riding arenas or indoor riding arenas with windbreak nets, as they are made with chrome mirror glass and a hardwood frame, as used in window construction. In addition, the rear is protected by a weatherproof cover profile.

Why chrome mirror glass? In the outdoor riding arena, the riding mirror is exposed to particular stresses and weather conditions. The chrome mirror has no silver content, but is a multi-layer system containing chrome. The silver content in conventional mirrors causes them to oxidise and thus become stained and black. Not a good choice for outdoor use.

The outdoor riding mirrors are available in 5 widths, from 1.20 m to 4.80 m. In order to be able to install the riding arena mirror safely and stably at the riding arena, there are suitable steel installation devices with a foundation plan and verifiable statics for each mirror size.

To mirror the entire short side of the riding arena, for example 20 metres, 5 outdoor riding mirrors 4 metres wide are placed next to each other. Once again, an uneven number should be selected in order to be able to use the centre line without restriction.

If the riding arena is adjacent to a building such as an indoor riding arena, stable, barn, etc., the DIAMOND SYSTEM® outdoor riding mirror can be attached to it.

Riding mirror size in detail

Find the optimum size for more effective riding. Here you will find valuable tips and information.

Riding mirror - size guide

Things to know about riding mirrors

Find out more about riding mirrors, selection criteria and possible uses in equestrian sport.

Interesting facts about riding mirrors

Optimal reflections for perfect performance

DIAMOND SYSTEM® riding mirrors revolutionize equestrian sport

Riding mirrors are an indispensable training tool for dressage riders, show jumpers, show riders and drivers, for leisure riders and professional riders, where safety for horse and rider and perfect image reproduction are the most important features. This is what the high-quality DIAMOND SYSTEM® riding mirrors, which were developed for equestrian sports, stand for.

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