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Riding mirror for indoor and outdoor

Brilliant image reproduction

The right size for your requirements

Choosing the right mirror size is important for effective riding training. Clear reflection allows riders to observe their movements and those of their horses accurately, regardless of the discipline they are riding in.

A mirror of the right size is particularly important to make the best use of the space and provide a complete view of the action. Regardless of the discipline, choosing the optimum mirror size is the key to successful training. 

The width of the riding mirrors

Dressage riders and show riders in particular want the entire short side of the riding arena to be mirrored. Show jumping riders can manage with a few smaller mirrors. To ensure that all riders get the mirror that suits their requirements and riding style, a riding mirror should always be customised.

The German Equestrian Federation (FN), for example, recommends a width of 1.00 m for a track mirror. However, experience has shown that this is too narrow for most riders. Widths of 1.20 m or 1.50 m are often chosen for the track, for example for lessons such as shoulder-in. Here, the riding mirror shows whether the dressage horse's hindquarters remain on the first track and whether the forehand has come so far inwards that the outside front leg steps in front of the inside hind leg.

A 6 metre wide DIAMOND SYSTEM® indoor riding mirror, consisting of a mirror element without a joint, offers the possibility of being able to see each other for the duration of two canter jumps. It is often used on the long side of the riding arena.

20 metres or more on the entire short side of the riding arena is the freestyle mirror construction. This size is often referred to as a dressage mirror and offers a training aid for all tasks at almost any position in the riding arena.

A large riding mirror reflects incident daylight and artificial light, creating additional brightness and making a large riding arena appear even larger. In addition, the reflection of the opposite wall creates the illusion of depth for the human eye.


The height of the riding arena mirror

There is no general answer as to the optimum height for an indoor riding mirror. The height must be adapted to the size and construction of the indoor arena and the height of the kick wall so that the rider can see himself and his horse in the mirror for as long as possible. Riders of dressage horses have different requirements to show riders or riders of show jumpers.

After more than 20 years of DIAMOND SYSTEM® riding mirror experience from all over the world, "standard heights" have emerged that work optimally for professional riders.


The installation height of the riding arena mirrors

Just like the height of the riding arena mirror, the installation height can also be customised. The lower the riding mirror is installed, the larger the field of vision. Some dressage riders have therefore had the mirror installed at a height of 50 cm above the footing. However, this increases the risk of accidents and injuries.

Equestrian centres and riding stables often choose a height of between 1.20 m and 1.60 m for the installation of the riding mirror.


The inclination of the riding mirror

Depending on the length of the riding arena, the angle of inclination is always set with the horse and rider. Of course, the angle of inclination can be readjusted for individual riding mirrors.


Position of the riding mirrors

Which size of riding mirror is used depends on your own requirements, wishes and preferences. The design of the indoor riding arena also plays a role, as every riding facility and every equestrian property is unique.

FAQs on the riding mirror

We provide clarity. Questions and answers about the riding mirror. Get useful information, tips and advice.

Questions about the riding mirror

Things to know about riding mirrors

Find out more about riding mirrors, selection criteria and possible uses in equestrian sport.

Interesting facts about riding mirrors

Optimal reflections for perfect performance

DIAMOND SYSTEM® riding mirrors revolutionize equestrian sport

Riding mirrors are an indispensable training tool for dressage riders, show jumpers, show riders and drivers, for leisure riders and professional riders, where safety for horse and rider and perfect image reproduction are the most important features. This is what the high-quality DIAMOND SYSTEM® riding mirrors, which were developed for equestrian sports, stand for.

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